Item #: SCP-001-JP
Object Class: Keter
Special Containment Protocol:There is no way to storege SCP-001-JP. We are one of them. HaHaHa.

Description: SCP-001-JP is a multiple unrecognizable phenomenon to this universe.SCP-001-JP-A is a phenomenon that occurs regularly. In general, the canopy opens to open the lid, from which a giant human infant-like hand appears, and there are multiple paranormal entities ... So troublesome that I use SCP hereafter ... and Throw intelligent creatures not only human beings to the ground.The intellectual beings that have been thrown at countermeasures against SCPs that have appeared have possessed and behaved as personnel of SCP-related organizations.I guess that's what I was like.

SCP-001-JP-B means that everything in the universe ignores this phenomenon.The appearance of the hand from the canopy is not recognized at all even if you look at it in front of you.The thrown-out SCPs are treated as newly discovered threats, and they are completely unaware that their origin was thrown out when they spoke and speak human language.It behaves like an ancient horror, a lore, or a horrifying thing that suddenly appears, but it does not even know that it was thrown out of the canopy.Such a idiot.The thrown out intellectuals behave as trustworthy agents and doctors who have long been affiliated with SCP-related organizations, no matter how anomalous abilities and personalities they have, and others take it for granted.All data, such as personnel files, appear as if they had existed for a long time.

SCP-001-JP-C is a phenomenon that occurs in all SCPs and all organizations that counter and use SCPs.Occasionally, personnel of SCP and SCP-related organizations will disappear, leaving no trace of their existence.Data, camps, and research facilities will disappear without any traces.The number assigned to the SCP will be assigned another new SCP after a while.In short, what we've been doing is just a farce.……Anyway there's no article for thisI've been trying use a little strict in my writing, but it's enough. It's a scribble with a pen.

Even O5 doesn't realize that they have their hands out of the canopy and are spreading SCP and staff around.Until I wrote this article, there was no mention of this anomaly anywhere in the SCP files.The whole universe is someone's puppet theater, it's only a toy box, and what we're doing is just a farce.And when they get bored with it, they just erase it.Even I, writing like this, think I'm doing it of my own accord, but I guess that's not true.It's probably a puppet of a starving kid who is fiddling with his toys on the canopy. The only person who will notice this sentence is that kid.It doesn't mean anything that I'm even aware of such a terrible thing, and I'm sure the O5 is no different. They're all puppets.

I don't know who the O5 is, but it's not a compliment to have a blank report tucked away in a top secret. Maybe it's supposed to be a dummy file, but if so, please write a report that looks like it. If a spy for another organization sees a blank, crumpled piece of paper with nothing written on it, who's going to think it's a classified document? —O5-7