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Special Containment Procedures: Instances of requisitioned 2800 model elevators are listed and stored in the Low Value Items Storage Facility in Section G (Hall12) of Site-34.

Update - 09/02/2007: In accordance with the guidelines agreed upon in the SCP-ES-100 full research protocol, a single instance of the Model 2800 elevator will be installed in the assigned Experimental Area for this use, located between Sublevels 3 through 12 of Wing D of Site-34. The instance used will only be kept in operational condition during the course of the tests, and must be replaced by a new instance approved by the Project Manager in charge of SCP-ES-100 after an investigation cycle that will not exceed 20 days.

Written on 07/28/2007, 12:43:51 UTC by Dr Ashworth, j.ashworth@rsrch.scp.net
Last Update [3] on 09/02/2007, 16:02:34 UTC by Doctor Ashworth, j.ashworth@rsrch.scp.net

Object experimentation has been suspended indefinitely. Consult your Site Director if any of your proposals require the use or manipulation of this object.

Description: SCP-ES-100 refers to a cognitohazardous effect that has tentatively been associated with Model 2800 elevators, freight elevators of the ████████ brand, during the journey between a home floor and a destination floor.

Despite the fact that, at the time of writing, all experiments in controlled environments have been unable to reproduce the anomaly presented during Incident 034.100.001/N3, the current hypothesis holds that exposure to SCP-ES-100 induces temporary visual dissociative agnosia, preventing subjects inside from recognizing their destination floor, their floor of origin, or any memory of disparities between the two.

This sensation of alienation and disorientation seems to be intensified with each new journey, aggravating the subject's state of anguish and fear to the point of refusing to leave the elevator.

If the hypothesis is correct, prolonged exposure to the anomaly will result in cognitive alterations such as loss of the notion of time, paranoid psychosis (including auditory and visual hallucinatory episodes), personality dissociation and obsession with blue tonality and lacunar amnesia, all traits associated with a possible fugue state caused by SCP-ES-100's trauma.

Written on 07/28/2007, 12:52:12 UTC by Doctor Ashworth, j.ashworth@rsrch.scp.net
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Recovery: SCP-ES-100 came to the attention of the Foundation on 07/14/2007, after an emergency call was made to the online maintenance and breakdown services of the ████████ company by PoI-034.3701/ES-100 from, it is assumed, the interior of a Model 2800 elevator located in the city of Valencia, Spain.

The subsequent investigation showed that the ████████ company was unaware of the anomalous effects produced by SCP-ES-100 in its Model 2800 elevators, which led to ruling out that the anomaly was intentionally introduced into its design. As a preventive measure, the production of Model 2800 elevators was suspended under the pretext of serious safety errors.

Foundation personnel requisitioned all Model 2800 cabins in service, mainly in the Iberian Peninsula and most of the countries that make up Latin America. They were replaced by Model 3100 elevators under the justification of a free joint urban renewal plan by the ████████ company and the state institutions of each region.

Update - 02/14/2008: Despite the fact that the last of the Model 2800 elevators present in the official inventory of the ████████ company was withdrawn from circulation on 02/13/2008, it has been determined that an unknown number have not yet been acquired by the Foundation. It is believed that these are in public circulation, possible due to their illegal second-hand sale and altered serial numbers.

Given the potential risk this presents to the population, staff members of Mobile Task Force Sigma-22 ("Prey Dogs") currently maintain low priority active tracking for new instances of Model 2800 elevators that still remain outside containment.

Written on 02/14/2008, 13:07:46 UTC by Doctor Ashworth, j.ashworth@rsrch.scp.net
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