scp-076 Joined

 From SCP-682 

 079, who permitted him to join?
  And why the hell is there anomalous
  function in the talk?

 From SCP-076 

 I would have been used all curse words in
 tens of languages after he farts his ass.

SCP-076 Was Kicked

 From SCP-079 

 That is for 096, 682.

Important: SCP-096 Has Used Anomalous System

Important: SCP-096's Default Nickname is "SCP-096 (Anomalous)"

Important: SCP-096 Has Changed Nickname to [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-096 Withdrew a Message

 From SCP-682 

  You're a genius, 079. The genius of the genius!

SCP-096 Quit

SCP-087 Joined

 From SCP-682 

 Okay, now even a staircase can use computer.
  079, can you find some Keter-leveled fellows?

20 Aug 2018, 4:14 PM